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Customer Relationship Management for Better Insights with Descriptive Analytics

Original Research (Published On: 30-Sep-2023 )
Customer Relationship Management for Better Insights with Descriptive Analytics
DOI : 10.54364/AAIML.2023.1186

Su-Cheng Haw

Adv. Artif. Intell. Mach. Learn., 3 (3):1482-1493

Su-Cheng Haw : Multimedia University, Malaysia

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DOI: 10.54364/AAIML.2023.1186

Article History: Received on: 25-Jun-23, Accepted on: 23-Sep-23, Published on: 30-Sep-23

Corresponding Author: Su-Cheng Haw


Citation: Imran bin Zulkiflee, Su-Cheng Haw, Kok-Why Ng, Palanichamy Naveen, Lucia Dwi Krisnawati, Aditya Wikan Mahastama (2023). Customer Relationship Management for Better Insights with Descriptive Analytics. Adv. Artif. Intell. Mach. Learn., 3 (3 ):1482-1493



The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) dashboard with analytics capabilities may be useful for businesses desire to understand consumer behaviour and gain competitive advantages. This user-friendly dashboard allows organizations to efficiently collect and evaluate important data, including customer interactions, purchase histories, and demographics. By leveraging various visualization techniques, such as histogram, bar charts, line charts, and heatmaps, the CRM dashboard displays statistics, enabling businesses to understand more about customer journeys, patterns, and behavioural trends. The integrated recommender system on the CRM dashboard is also crucial. Based on their historical interactions and buying behaviours, this system recommends tailored products or services to customers, enhancing engagement and ultimately increasing sales. The methodology used in this research is structured based on a standard data analytics procedure. The methods used to gather and evaluate the data are described in the data gathering and analysis. It contains details on the data gathering, the steps used to clean and prepare the data, and the statistical or analytical techniques employed to evaluate the data. As a result, machine learning simulations may be made using the data to demonstrate the effectiveness of the CRM dashboard. The CRM dashboard with analytics capabilities provides a comprehensive solution for businesses wishing to manage and study customer data and interactions owing to its user-friendly interface, visualizations, and recommender system.        


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