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The Image Recognition System implemented in Aquaculture Stewardship

Original Research (Published On: 12-Aug-2023 )
The Image Recognition System implemented in Aquaculture Stewardship
DOI : 10.54364/AAIML.2023.1177

Chen, Chao-Chien, Yuan Chih- Lin and Sheng Chun Wei

Adv. Artif. Intell. Mach. Learn., 3 (3):1313-1324

Chen, Chao-Chien : Department of Communications Management of Shih Hsin University

Yuan Chih- Lin : Fisheries Research Institute of the Council of Agriculture

Sheng Chun Wei : Smart Sensing and Systems Technology Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute

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DOI: 10.54364/AAIML.2023.1177

Article History: Received on: 25-May-23, Accepted on: 05-Aug-23, Published on: 12-Aug-23

Corresponding Author: Chen, Chao-Chien


Citation: Lin, Chih-Yuan , Wei, Chun-Sheng, Chen, Chao-Chien (2023). The Image Recognition System implemented in Aquaculture Stewardship. Adv. Artif. Intell. Mach. Learn., 3 (3 ):1313-1324




Clams are the primary shellfish farmed in Taiwan. From stocking seed clams to harvesting, it takes about 10-15 months. Farmers must be attentive to the water temperature, salinity, pH and dissolved oxygen. When required, perform daily measures to provide good water quality for growth. Additionally, due to the high stocking density in Taiwan, as the clams grow to a certain size, their growth will be affected by the gradual deterioration of the living environment or the decrease in the growing space. Therefore, if the slowing down of the growth of clams can be noticed immediately, effective approaches can then be performed. For instance, to dig the bottom of the pond and get rid of excessive suspended organic matter, to maintain the growth of the clams. Through developing the monitoring application technology of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), in conjunction with the underwater image monitoring, images of the clam cultivation pond bottom of the clam demonstration site have been obtained through remote control and camera by this study. From the images, abnormal changes of the cultivation environment can be noted, allowing the farmers to take corresponding measures to the noted abnormalities during the farming period, so as to lower losses and decrease manpower consumed in keeping watch over the clam farms.


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